Massage Supplies and Products

Wholesale and retail massage Supplies are made in all colors: White, Cream, L Blue, Lavender, Sage, Purple, Choco. We have cradle covers, V-drapes, treatment table blankets, spa towels, booties and mitts, i-pillows, and e-pillows.  All in ultra soft, synthetic fleece.  All these products are Earth-friendly, made to be sanitized  (bleach OK) and reused.

All items are made to order and customizing is available.
 “Your clients deserve it!”
Please note: Qty Prices are per color


Product Description
Per Unit
Quanity Price
The New Ultra

A closed drape of 2 ply fleece designed to support the chin “for ultra, comfort & support.”

2 for                          $15.50 SPECIAL 5 + 1 FREE           $38.75

Qty:  12 min                $ 5.85 each


Clients who have had face lifts or resurfacing will appreciate that it leaves NO creases on the skin.  Fits any size face rest using encased elastic.

2 for                          $20.00 SPECIAL 6 +1               $58.00

Qty: 50+                       $ 5.50 each

open drape cover

A flat cover for the table face-rest. Size 14” x 16.” Leaves NO creases in the face.

4 for                          $28.00 SPECIAL 6+2 FREE   $42.00



A flat cover for table face rest.  MOST ECONOMICAL.

5 for                          $20.00



SPECIAL 10+2 FREE $40.00

Qty:  50+                              $ 2.75


Sized at 80’ L x 48” W to cover your client in “plush.”  Comes in: solid colors, with decorative stitching and may be made to custom sizes (price will vary).
(Move mouse pointer over picture to see detail of stitching.)

1-3                    $26.00 each

4-9                    $21.00 each

Qty 10+                       $18.00 each

Fleece backed with terry.  Size: 27” x 16” (+/-). The terry holds the heat and moisture, while the fleece wicks the heat and moisture through to the skin for a steam treatment.  Fleece to skin right from the towel cabbie.

1-6                      $9.50 each Qty 7+                           $8.00 each

For moist heat treatments on feet and hands. Terry lined with fleece. This combo holds heat for 3+ minutes .

1 pair                $17.00 pair

2-4 pair            $15.00 pair

Qty 5+                          $13.00 pair



Eye pillow cover is made of 100% cotton muslin, filled with red fennel seed and fragranced with dried lavender flowers, peppermint and eucalyptus.

Set includes three (3) pillow cases made from a variety of cotton or fleece fabric.  Size; 11” x 4” pillow.

1                            $16.00 set Qty 6+                           $ 14.00 set

Extra cases                    $ 1.75 each

e-PILLOW (3 n 1)

This pillow is ergonomically designed to serve the user in 3 or more ways – see “Purpose” below.

1-5                    $ 8.00 each Qty 6+                          $ 6.75 each

  • Support under the chest (placement: under the sheet) when prone (face down) on the treatment
    table to align vertebrae from the cervicals to thorasics;
  • Support under the head and neck when supine (on the back) on treatment table (no adjustment
    necessary turning from front to back on table).
  • Relief of Sciatica pain in bucket style seats (cars or chairs).
  • Construction e-Pillow:Cover made of ultra soft Nordic fleece. 17″ x 7′.
  • Stuffed w/ 6 oz of 100% poly-fill. Wash /dry on light cycles.

The i-Mask creates the perfect ‘Nirvana’ setting for a therapeutic massage or a peaceful siesta.(Choco & Sage only).Includes an “easy bag” for ease in laundering

5 pack                        $24.00 Qty:  20+                          $  3.85



side view.Construction:

  • Made of soft, 2-ply Nordic fleece that totally darkens the space when placed over the eyes.
  • Held in place with 1/4″ X 4″ elastic.
Purpose: Face down in the cradle, the cushioning of the i-Mask reduces the gravitational pressure on the sinuses and cheek bones.