Aesthetics Supplies and Products

All orders are shipped via USPS unless box is over 15x15x15 and we use UPS or Fed EX.  Our aesthetics supplies and products are made in all colors: Rose Pink, Lavender, Blue, Cream, White, Heather Gray, Purple, and Choco. The material is ultra soft, synthetic fleece. All these products are Earth-friendly, made to be sanitized (bleach OK) and reused.  We have wholesale and quantity pricing on moon wrap facial towels, cleansing pads, wraps, tutu wraps, spa towels,  treatment table blankets, booties, mitts, head bands, and the e-pillow.

All items are made to order customizing is available. 
“Your clients deserve it!”



A product removal pad that allows the user to have more control of the pad while moving it across the face, as in changing directions without lifting the pad from the face. No slipping or flopping of material against the face during treatment. The unique design and construction with a vertical seam up the center to the top is the KEY to a perfect fit between the middle and ring fingers. Squeezing the fingers together inside secures the mitt on the hand.

$5.00 per Pr 1-3 pair

At this time, Finger Mitts sold in WHITE only.

$2.25 ea   7 – 24

$1.99 ea 25+

cleansing mitts CLEANSING MITTS 

One size fits most. Fleece on one side and 100% cotton terry on the other. Designed to give you more surface area for applying and removing product from the face than sponges or 4x4s. Sold as a pair or as singles.

$5.00 per Pr 1-3 pair 7-24 pair $2.25 ea

25+ $1.99 ea


(Move mouse pointer over picture
to see how face mask is used.)

Contoured face towel in fleece and terry.  Fleece side to face right from the towel cabbie.  Holds the heat for steaming a full 90 seconds.   Sold by single towel

1-3 Towels  $10.00 ea. 4-9 Towels  $ 8.00 ea 

10-24 Towels $  7.00 ea 

25+ Towels $ 6.25 ea 

Cleansing pad refill CLEANSING PADS 

Tin –  for easy storage and enclosed to meet State Board sanitation requirements.

Tin includes: 20 Pads and “easy’ bag for laundry. Refill 20 packs are available.

“TIN” $16.50 each

Refill 20/ pack  12.00 pack

300+ (loose)  $.48 ea

Size: 32” L, with non-roll elastic top and “snap”  closure.

One size fits most; custom sizes upon request – price varies.

1-5  $20.50 each 6+ $16.50 ea

Short gown for clients to wear during treatments – ladies top; gentlemen bottom.

Size: 20” L with non-roll elastic and “snap” closure.

1-5  $16.50 each 6+  $14.50 ea

Fleece backed with terry.  Size: 27” x 16” (+/-). The terry holds the heat and moisture, while the fleece wicks the heat and moisture through to the skin for a steam treatment.  Fleece to skin right from the towel cabbie.

1-6  $9.50 each 7+   $8.00 ea

Sized at 80’ L x 48” W to cover your client in “plush.”  Comes in: solid colors, with decorative stitching and may be made to custom sizes (price will vary).
(Move mouse pointer over picture to see detail of stitching.)

1-3  $26.00 ea 4-9 $21.00 each

10+ $18.00 ea


For moist heat treatments on feet and hands. Terry lined with fleece. This combo holds heat for 3+ minutes.

$17.00 pair 2-4 pair  $15.00

5+  $13.00 pair


(Move mouse pointer over picture
to see how head band is used.)

This unique Headband uses a hook-n-loop closure and encased non-roll elastic for a snug, easy fit to make it truly, “one size fits all.”

1 pack of 3     $20.00 pack 4-15 Singles $6.25 ea.

16- 24 Singles   $5.75 ea.

25+  singles $ 5.25 ea


This pillow is ergonomically designed to serve the user in 3 or more ways – see “Purpose” below.

1-5  $ 8.00 each 6+  $ 6.75 ea

  • Support under the chest (placement: under the sheet) when prone (face down) on the treatment
    table to align vertebrae from the cervicals to thorasics;
  • Support under the head and neck when supine (on the back) on treatment table (no adjustment
    necessary turning from front to back on table).
  • Relief of Sciatica pain in bucket style seats (cars or chairs).
  • Construction e-Pillow:Cover made of ultra soft Nordic fleece. 17″ x 7′. Stuffed w/ 6 oz of 100% poly-fill. Wash /dry on light cycles.