Health Mask

Available now, handmade at a reasonable price.

Health Mask:  $5.50 ea plus free shipping

Description:  Both styles made w 100% Cotton and flannel inner pocket.  Wash / sanitize / reuse.  Highly recommend changing filter or N95 filter paper with every use. 

Style:  h-Mask Elastic    $5.50 ea               Elastic on both sides that can be tied to fit your comfort around the ears.

SHIPPING FREE.  Please note..when you submit the order form you will then receive an invoice via email for payment.

In order to keep the price low, we purchase sale priced cotton fabric; therefore, there are NO pattern or COLOR choices – at this critical time.  Price low and Quality high is our goal.

Fabric patterns will vary – no selection. We are finding that elastic has been sold out from most if not all suppliers. Will notify you when we need to pull this item for lack of supplies to make them.

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