Massage Supplies and Products

Wholesale and quantity massage Supplies are made in all colors: : Rose Pink (RP), Lavender (Lav), Blue (B), Cream (C), White (W), Heather Gray (HG), Lilac (Li), Purple (P) and Chocolate (Choc) . We have cradle covers, V-drapes, treatment table blankets, spa towels, booties and mitts, i-pillows, and e-pillows.  All in ultra soft, synthetic fleece.  All these products are Earth-friendly, made to be sanitized  (bleach OK) and reused.

All items are made to order and customizing is available.
 “Your clients deserve it!”
Please note: Qty Prices are per color



A closed drape of 2 ply fleece designed to support the chin “for ultra, comfort & support.”

SPECIAL 5 + 1 FREE $38.75

2 for $15.50

12 min  $5.85 ea
fitted-fc-cover-small FITTED FACE CRADLE COVER

Clients who have had face lifts or resurfacing will appreciate that it leaves NO creases on the skin.  Fits any size face rest using encased elastic.

SPECIAL 6 +1   $58.00

2 for $20.00

50+  $5.50 ea
open drape cover OPEN DRAPE CRADLE COVER

A flat cover for the table face-rest. Size 14” x 16.” Leaves NO creases in the face.

SPECIAL 6+2 FREE   $42.00

4 for $28.00 




A flat cover for table face rest.  MOST ECONOMICAL.

SPECIAL 10+2 FREE $40.00

5 for   $20.00

50+   $ 2.75 ea

Sized at 80’ L x 48” W to cover your client in “plush.”  Comes in: solid colors, with decorative stitching and may be made to custom sizes (price will vary).
(Move mouse pointer over picture to see detail of stitching.)

1-3 $26.00 ea 4-9 $21.00 ea

10+ $18.00 ea


Fleece backed with terry.  Size: 27” x 16” (+/-). The terry holds the heat and moisture, while the fleece wicks the heat and moisture through to the skin for a steam treatment.  Fleece to skin right from the towel cabbie.

1-6 $9.50 ea, 7+ $8.00 ea

For moist heat treatments on feet and hands. Terry lined with fleece. This combo holds heat for 3+ minutes .

1 pair   $17.00 pair 2-4 pair $15.00 pair

5+ $13.00 pair


Eye pillow cover is made of 100% cotton muslin, filled with red fennel seed and fragranced with dried lavender flowers, peppermint and eucalyptus.

Set includes three (3) pillow cases made from a variety of cotton or fleece fabric. Size; 11” x 4” pillow.

$16.00 a set

Extra cases $1.75 each

6+ $14.00 set
e-PILLOW (3 n 1)

This pillow is ergonomically designed to serve the user in 3 or more ways – see “Purpose” below.

1-5 $8.00 ea 6+ $6.75 ea

  • Support under the chest (placement: under the sheet) when prone (face down) on the treatment
    table to align vertebrae from the cervicals to thorasics;
  • Support under the head and neck when supine (on the back) on treatment table (no adjustment
    necessary turning from front to back on table).
  • Relief of Sciatica pain in bucket style seats (cars or chairs).
  • Construction e-Pillow:Cover made of ultra soft Nordic fleece. 17″ x 7′.
  • Stuffed w/ 6 oz of 100% poly-fill. Wash /dry on light cycles.

The i-Mask creates the perfect ‘Nirvana’ setting for a therapeutic massage or a peaceful siesta.(Choco & Sage only).   Includes an “easy bag” for ease in laundering

5 pack $24.00 20+ $3.85 ea

Side View


  • Made of soft, 2-ply Nordic fleece that totally darkens the space when placed over the eyes.
  • Held in place with 1/4″ X 4″ elastic.
Purpose: Face down in the cradle, the cushioning of the i-Mask reduces the gravitational pressure on the sinuses and cheek bones.